The Sarcasm Test: design tools for tools.

Here at the Ranch Design Group, Darren and I have this thing we call the Sarcasm Test. It’s not a test where if something’s too sarcastic or cynical, it gets killed. We call that, …well, what DO you call that? The Sarcasm Test, is a filter all our work goes through to ensure it’s not made fun of by our relentless peers of the design community. You know who you are, and I salute you. Unlike a traditional design critique, it’s fun, easy, only takes a minute, and should come naturally to anyone who strives to maintain a shred of critical thought in this fear-based cult-ishly positive world we work in. You start with the basic cost of entry stuff, – Does this look like someone else’s logo? – does it look like something else entirely? -like the opposite of what it’s supposed to be about… Then there’s the hard questions. Does it look like a penis? –a penis and balls? do the initials kind of become the word ‘turd’ when sound them out? -who could that be? When you change one letter or syllable, do you have something else entirely, – something so hilariously terrible that everyone in the whole office can appreciate the joke? If you think I sound paranoid right now, then you’re probably the one who is either designing, or approving the very stuff the Sarcasm Test was invented for.

Having put this blog entry through my own sarcasm test, I already know that you know  I am buttering you up for a series of  random blog entries where I present you great examples other people’s shit (none of my own, of course) that we can’t believe actually sees the light of day, accompanied by mine and Darren’s witty sarcastic comments. My first entries below…

-And yes, after all that, this is really all I have so far.

If this doesn't look like a pink anus, then I I don't now what a logo dipicting a pink anus looks like....

but you haven't even heard the question...


2 responses to “The Sarcasm Test: design tools for tools.

  1. Just for reference: A logo depicting a pink anus looks like this:

    Or in case you’re disallowing img tags:

  2. Mine was really meant more as a rhetorical statement but thank you! Who are those anus people anyway?

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