Edgar Miller

This Summer I discovered for the first time, the work of designer, craftsman, artist, and environmental visionary Edgar Miller. I was thumbing through the Summer installment of  Modernism Magazine when I came upon the most beguiling photographs of interiors and exteriors richly laden with colorful tile, decorative murals, illustrative stained glass, hand carved woodwork, and custom metal work.

Featured in the article, and well worth ever penny, is the book Edgar Miller and the Hand-Made Home  by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams just out this Summer. http://www.amazon.com/Edgar-Miller-Hand-Made-Home-Renaissance/dp/0978545052

Also check out the article by Richard Cahan, and photography by Alexander Vertikoff in Modernism Magazine, http://www.modernismmagazine.com/backissues/mV13N2.html

And a great interview with the authors at:


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